Cased Gem Size Ambrotype of Confederate Private John H. Yarbrough, Co. C, 15th Virginia Infantry with His Wife



Cased Gem Size Ambrotype of Confederate Private John H. Yarbrough, Co. C, 15th Virginia Infantry with His Wife – We obtained this small ambrotype from a long time collector who has always lived in Hanover County, where this young Confederate soldier came from; the collector obtained the image from the descendants of the soldier. Depicted in the full, thermoplastic or union case, is Private John Haynes Yarbrough, Co. C, 15th Virginia Infantry (“The Patrick Henry Rifles”) in his uniform, wearing white cross belts with a breast plate; on the opposite side of the case is Private Yarbrough’s wife, Edith A. Yarbrough; incorporated with Mrs. Yarbrough’s image is a lock of her hair, situated, beneath the cover glass. The image of Private Yarbrough has some distinct solarization, impacting the clarity, but he is readily discernible; his wife’s image is in fine condition. Yarbrough would only see a brief bit of military service and combat during First Bull Run; he died, at home, of typhoid fever, on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1861. Yarbrough is buried in the family plot, in “the old Stanley Goodman estate.” The case is complete with both hinges functional and in place; there is some chipping along the edges.

John H. Yarbrough = Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 4/23/1861 at Ashland, VA as a Private. On 4/23/1861 he mustered into “C” Co. VA 15th Infantry He died of disease on 12/24/1861 at Hanover County, VA (Died of typhoid fever at home)

15th VA Infantry

Organized: Richmond, VA on 5/17/61 Mustered Out: 4/25/62 From To Brigade Division Corps Army Comment May ’61 Oct ’61 Dept of Peninsula Oct ’61 Jan ’62 August’s Dept of Peninsula Jan ’62 Feb ’62 McLaws’ Dept of Peninsula Apr ’62 May ’62 McLaws’ McLaws’ Magruder’s Dept of Northern Virginia May ’62 Jun ’62 McLaws’ Magruder’s Army of Northern Virginia Jun ’62 Jul ’62 Semmes’ McLaws’ Magruder’s Army of Northern Virginia Jul ’62 Jul ’62 Semmes’ McLaws’ Army of Northern Virginia Jul ’62 Nov ’62 Semmes’ McLaws’ 1st Army of Northern Virginia Nov ’62 Feb ’63 Corse’s Pickett’s 1st Army of Northern Virginia Feb ’63 Apr ’63 Corse’s Pickett’s Dept of Virginia and North Carolina Apr ’63 May ’63 Corse’s Pickett’s Dept of Southern Virginia May ’63 Sep ’63 Corse’s Pickett’s 1st Army of Northern Virginia Sep ’63 Oct ’63 Corse’s Pickett’s Dept of North Carolina Oct ’63 Nov ’63 Corse’s Dept of Western Virginia and East Tennessee Nov ’63 Jan ’64 Corse’s Ransom’s Dept of Western Virginia and East Tennessee Jan ’64 Jan ’64 Corse’s Dept of Southwest Virginia and East Tennesee Feb ’64 May ’64 Corse’s Dept of North Carolina May ’64 May ’64 Corse’s Hoke’s Dept of North Carolina and South Virginia May ’64 Apr ’65 Corse’s Pickett’s 1st Army of Northern Virginia Name: John H Yarbrough Enlistment Date: 23 Apr 1861 Enlistment Place: Ashland, Virginia Enlistment Rank: Private Muster Date: 23 Apr 1861 Muster Place: Virginia Muster Company: C Muster Regiment: 15th Infantry Muster Regiment Type: Infantry Muster Information: Enlisted Muster Out Date: 24 Dec 1861 Muster Out Place: Hanover County, Virginia Muster Out Information: died disease Side of War: Confederacy Survived War?: No 15th Virginia Infantry Regiment The 15th Virginia Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment raised in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia. 15th Virginia was organized in May 1861, with men from Richmond and Henrico and Hanover counties. The regiment was brigaded under McLaws, Semmes, and Corse, Army of Northern Virginia. It fought with the army from the Seven Days’ Battles to Fredericksburg, then was involved in Longstreet’s Suffolk Expedition. During the Gettysburg Campaign, the 15th was on detached duty, and after serving in Tennessee and North Carolina participated in the battles at Drewry’s Bluff and Cold Harbor. Later it took its place in the Petersburg trenches north and south of the James River and ended the war at Appomattox. This unit contained 476 effectives in April, 1862, reported 1 killed and 8 wounded at Malvern Hill, and lost fifty-nine percent of the 128 engaged at Sharpsburg. Many were captured at Sayler’s Creek, and on April 9, 1865, it surrendered with 69 officers and men. The field officers were Colonel Thomas P. August; Lieutenant Colonels James R. Crenshaw, Emmett M. Morrison, Thomas G. Peyton, and St. George Tucker; and Majors C.H. Clarke and John S. Walker.

Active May 1861 – Spring 1865: Disbanded April 1865

Country – Confederacy; Allegiance Confederate States of America;

Role –  Infantry

Engagements – First Battle of Bull Run Seven Days’ Battles, Second Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Fredericksburg, Siege of Suffolk, Battle of Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg, Battle of Five Forks, Battle of Sailor’s Creek.