Civil War Federal Issue Model 1858 Enlisted Man’s Forage Cap



Civil War Federal Issue Model 1858 Enlisted Man’s Forage Cap – This cap is a fine example of the U.S. Army regulation cap adopted by the Quartermaster Department in 1858, to replace the Pattern 1839, wheel cap, issued, initially, during the Mexican War and worn by U.S. Army soldiers, into the 1850s. The M1858 forage cap would remain the most commonly issued cap, for enlisted soldiers, until 1872. This example is representative of the early Civil War issue cap, referred to as a Type I style; these early issue caps, exhibit a higher crown and an obvious “bump-out” along the back of the body, when viewed in profile. The cap retains its original chinstrap, with both general service, eagle buttons, affixed to either side of the cap. The brim is in excellent condition, as is the brown, polished cotton lining, which is completely intact. The sweat band is in overall good condition and is complete; it is a good example of an early war, scored leather sweatband. The deep, indigo dyed, wool body of the cap retains strong color; there are some minor, scattered nips in the wool, with a modest area of the latter, in the back exterior – we have had our textile conservator, back and stabilize this area. Overall, this is an excellent example of an early war, Type I, M1858 Federal enlisted man’s forage cap.