Civil War Federal Issue U.S. Blanket



Civil War Federal Issue U.S. Blanket – These issue blankets have always been difficult to find; we have had only two others. This example completely adheres to Civil War period, US Army regulations; it is constructed of a finer grade, Kersey-weave wool than most of the war period, issue blankets. This blanket exhibits the usual chain-stitched “US”, in the center of the blanket, although the stitching composing the “US” is a light blue, in color and composed of only a single strand of wool. The blanket exhibits the regulation, single, brown bands, near each end of the blanket. The ends, as with all issue blankets, are unbound. One end of the blanket appears to have had a short section trimmed off, during the period of use; this trimmed area measures about 2” in width and 8” in length. The blanket remains in excellent condition, with a few, very minor stress pulls; one larger pull appears in the middle of the blanket, above the “US”. There are two hand-sewn, period patches near the center of the blanket.

Measurements: Length – 77.5”; Width – 65”