Civil War Union Cavalry Officer’s Slouch Hat



Civil War Union Cavalry Officer’s Slouch Hat – This slouch hat is a superior example of an early war, Cavalry officer’s hat. The hat is constructed of a high grade of blue-black, beaver or rabbit felt; it has the war period soft, plush or mellow feel that is indicative of it being a war period hat. The brim is rimmed with a silk, grosgrain binding; the exterior of the crown has its original silk, grosgrain ribbon, hat band. Affixed to the front of the hat is a really superb example of an officer’s cavalry insignia – bullion crossed sabers on an oval disk, which is covered with a black velvet, with twisted gold wire surrounding the black velvet field and crossed sabers. The hat cord, that surrounds the crown’s exterior, is constructed of twisted black silk and gold bullion, culminating with two acorns. The interior of the hat is in excellent condition and retains its original, wide, brown leather sweatband which exhibits some minor wear. This is truly a very fine example of a war period, Union officer’s slouch hat.