Early Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat



Early Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat – This fine example of an early Civil War officer’s slouch hat retains its original, diminutive, officer’s hat cord. This type of tall, almost stovepipe like hat is seen in several early war images of Union Army officers. The hat, constructed of a beaver felt, applied to stiff pasteboard, remains in excellent condition. Beneath the military hat cord, is the original black, grosgrain silk ribbon band, surrounding the hat’s exterior crown. Remnants of the original grosgrain brim binding remain, as well. Although the original sweatband is now missing, the interior of the crown is lined in a light textile mesh, a feature encountered in higher quality, early hats. The top of the interior crown exhibits a nicely embossed paper label, denoting the hatter “Peck & Co.  / 23 & 25 Washington St. / Boston”. This is a superior and rare example of an early Civil War or, perhaps, a pre-war military hat, often seen in wartime images of Union officers.