Fine Civil War Union Artillery 1st Lieutenant of the Artillery Frock Coat



Fine Civil War Union Artillery 1st Lieutenant of the Artillery Frock Coat – Amongst the several Federal officers’ frock coats we have had, this example is perhaps the best; the coat features a most high quality of construction – fine, deep blue, indigo-dyed, English, broadcloth wool; quilted, satinet interior lining; cotton linen lined sleeves; deep black, velvet, layover collar; wide “balloon” elbows; un-hemmed skirt bottoms. The coat retains all of its original, large Eagle A front and tail buttons, as well as all of its original, Eagle A, cuff buttons. The rank straps are most impressive – the artillery service, bright red fields and bullion borders are in great condition; in addition, these straps are superior examples of the early war, tie-down variety – all of the laces, with their brass ends, are in excellent condition and are threaded through the sewn border holes, on each shoulder. There are virtually no indications of insect damage to the coat.

When we obtained this frock coat, a second, rare, Federal, Civil War, 1st Lieutenant of the artillery, officer’s shell jacket and pants, accompanied the frock coat, as well as an officer’s sash and GAR slouch hat; all items were contained in an old, cardboard box, that had been shipped to the wife of an academician at an Albany, NY prep school. The stamps on the box dated to the 1930s. The box had been mailed from Cincinnati, Ohio. In pencil, written on the top of the box, stated “Civil War Uniforms”. We presume that both coats, sash and GAR slouch hat, which has a postwar, heavy artillery, sheet brass, crossed cannon insignia affixed to the front of the hat and officer’s hat cord, were all the war time possessions of one, Union artillery officer. Unfortunately, we have, to date, been unable to determine the identity of the officer.

The sash is in good condition, although somewhat faded, and retains both knots and fringe. The GAR slouch hat is an early type; it has a nice leather sweatband and officer’s hat cord, the latter could be from the officer’s Civil War service. The sheet brass insignia is seemingly a heavy artillery variety – short, stubby cannons, with a regimental number 1 and company letter H affixed to the insignia. The hat is constructed of a “mellow” black wool; it has a black, grosgrain ribbon surrounding the exterior of the crown.

This is a high quality frock coat, accompanied by the officer’s war period sash, as well as his GAR slouch hat.