Fine Original Civil War Union Officer’s Frock Coat



Fine Original Civil War Union Officer’s Frock Coat – We have had many Union officer frock coats, but this example is definitely one of the finest we have encountered; its condition, color, interior quilting, chased Eagle “I” buttons are all indicative of a superbly tailored and beautifully crafted coat. The coat and cuff size Eagle “I” buttons each exhibit finely chased wing feathers and the infantry letter “I”, in the shields of each button, an attribute we have not seen on any other frock coat we have offered. The exterior of the coat, constructed of a fine, English, broad cloth wool, exhibits little wear and no observable insect damage; it remains a richly colored, indigo dyed, dark blue. The button back marks read: “Fine Gold Plated”. The coat is a single-breasted, Captain of the infantry coat, retaining its original, Infantry Captain’s rank straps, with sky blue, velvet Infantry branch of service fields, between the pairs of Captain’s bullion bars. The elbows, per the fashion dictates of the mid-19th century, are significantly “ballooned” making them markedly wider than each cuff; the cuff buttons fit into functional button holes on each cuff. The interior of the coat is constructed of fine green satinette and exhibits a single, breast pocket, which is lined in brown, polished cotton. Each of the tails of the coat has a single, long pocket within them also lined in brown, polished cotton. The sleeve linings are typical, off-white cotton, with a unique extension of the body quilting extending into each shoulder area. The collar is lined in a deep blue, velvet. One of the four back, exterior tail buttons is missing. An interior, broadcloth wool tightening belt, with brass buckle and keeper, are attached on the waist area of the lining. This is a superior example of an early Civil War, Union infantry, Captain’s frock coat.