Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber by Emerson & Silver



Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber by Emerson & Silver – This is a nice M1860 Light Cavalry saber, manufactured by the New Jersey, wartime contractor, Emerson and Silver, of Trenton. The M1860 was made somewhat lighter than the so-called, heavy cavalry saber, the Model 1840. The knucklebow on Emerson and Silver sabers are slightly less rounded and more D-shaped than M1860s manufactured by other contractors. On one side of the ricasso, on this example, is stamped:






On the opposite ricasso is stamped the initials of the Federal Inspector, John Maggs:


On this saber, no date appears, but we presume that with Maggs’ initials, it is an indication that the sword was manufactured in 1862, as that is the only year Maggs was inspecting. Like other Emerson & Silver swords, this saber is stamped with the inspector’s initials (JM), on the ricasso, the scabbard drag and the pommel. Standard elements appear on this saber: leather wrapped hilt with twisted, brass wire in the grip furrows; plain brass pommel cap and three-branch guard; flat-backed steel blade, with narrow and wide fullers, stopped at the ricasso; iron scabbard with iron mounts. The saber remains in overall very good to fine condition, exhibiting some wear to the leather grip wrap; the blade is in excellent condition, retaining its original leather gasket at the entry into the hilt; the scabbard is in very good, condition, with some minor oxidation near the drag. Overall length – 42.5” (sword in the scabbard); Blade length (out of the scabbard) – 34.75”.