Original Civil War Enlisted Man’s Haversack



Original Civil War Enlisted Man’s Haversack – This haversack remains in the best condition of the several haversacks we have had; the black painted, cotton canvas is in excellent condition, remaining pliable, with few, if any cracks. The shoulder strap is also in strong, pliable condition; also in place, in good condition, are the original closure tab, constructed of russet, brown leather and the japanned, black, closure buckle, affixed to the front of the haversack, by a second, smaller length of russet, brown leather. This haversack, which is seemingly larger than the usual Federal issue type, may possibly be an early war, state issue variant. The interior of the haversack has no provisions for the attachment of a so-called “rice bag”; in lieu of that, there is a small pouch, affixed to the upper, back interior of the bag. The haversack presents an overall, somewhat square shape, measuring as follows: H – 14.5”; W – 15.5”. As mentioned, this haversack is simply the best example we have had.