Original Federal Issue Enlisted Man’s Forage Cap



Original Federal Issue Enlisted Man’s Forage Cap – This fine condition Federal issue, regulation forage cap is an example of the early war cap sometimes referred to as a Type I cap. There were two principal shapes of enlisted forage caps created by Federal contractors – the so-called Type I and II. This Type I example, manufactured during the onset of the Civil War, has a smaller disc and a crescent shaped, flat visor, as opposed to the mid to late war cap, or Type II, which has a larger disc and a more cylindrical body with a flat more square-shaped visor. The lining of this cap, which is completely intact and in fine condition, consists of a brown polished cotton; the sweat band remains in its entirety and was been repaired, during the period of use. Both general service eagle buttons remain and attach the chinstrap on either side of the brim. The original sheet brass adjuster buckle is present on the chinstrap; the chinstrap can no longer be adjusted as the finish of the two sections comprising it have fused together. Regardless, the chinstrap looks great and is all there. The broadcloth wool of the body of the cap is a rich blue and has only the slightest of  insect damage. The brim is firmly in place and in fine condition. This is a great example of an early war, Federal issue, enlisted man’s forage cap.