Pattern of 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket with Original Bayonet and Scabbard



Pattern of 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket with Original Bayonet and Scabbard – This rifled musket is an excellent example of the third pattern of the P53 Enfield; the third pattern Enfield rifles comprised the majority of British weapons imported into the U.S. by both the North and the South, during the Civil War. This example remains in excellent condition exhibiting a fine, walnut stock, in its original finish; the gun iron parts show a pleasing, dark brown patina. All parts on the gun are original to include the ramrod, barrel bands and sling swivels. On the lock plate, behind the hammer, is the English Crown; stamped in front of the hammer is “TOWER / 1862”. The brass elements – the trigger guard, butt plate and nose cap – all exhibit a pleasing, aged patina. The stock exhibits several stampings, impressed during the time of manufacture – in the ramrod channel is stamped the stock maker’s name, as well as two viewer’s crowns; additionally, a Roman numeral “V” is etched in the ramrod channel. Two letters, somewhat difficult to read, appear on the flat, in the stock, opposite the lock plate; on the underside of the stock’s wrist, behind the trigger guard, is stamped “R&W” over “TW” and behind this stamping, also appears a stamping – “R & W ASTON” – again, references to the stock makers in Birmingham. Additional markings appear on the breech of the gun barrel – Birmingham viewers’ stampings – “25 25” – indicating that the caliber is .577; also, three additional viewer stampings are visible here. The bore is clean, with rifling visible. The long range sight is in fine, original condition. The overall length of the rifle is – 55”; the barrel length is – 39”.

Accompanying this rifle is an original Enfield bayonet in its original scabbard; both bayonet and scabbard are in excellent condition. The flat of the bayonet has stamped – “F. PRESTON / MANCHESTER”; the scabbard, near the brass frog stud, has the English broad arrow and “WD” impressed in the leather.