Rare Dug CS Eastern Theater “Egg” Style Belt Plate



Rare Dug CS Eastern Theater “Egg” Style Belt Plate – This rare version of the CS “egg” style belt plate was excavated in the 1960s and has been one of many important aspects in a long time northern Virginia collection. Unlike the western theater plate of the same frontal appearance and construction of die-stamped copper exhibiting raised “CS” lettering, this eastern theater plate’s back is lead solder filled, with two arrow belt hooks and a single belt adjuster hook, embedded in the solder. We have had two or three of the western theater CS “egg” plates, but this is the first eastern theater plate we have had. The back of the plate retains about 80% of its original solder, as well as two complete arrow hooks; the single belt adjuster hook appears to have either been shortened or broken off. The front CS element remains in overall very good, dug condition, with some dings to the edge of the plate. This is indeed a rare plate and the only one we have seen available in a long time.

Measurements: L – 85.57 mm; W – 57.31 mm