Rare Early Civil War Issue Double Bag Knapsack – Heavy Painted Canvas



Rare Early Civil War Issue Double Bag Knapsack – Heavy Painted Canvas – This only the second knapsack of this type we have encountered. These early war knapsacks were markedly sturdier than the c. 1864, issue knapsacks that are most often seen today. These early knapsacks were constructed of a decidedly heavier, black painted canvas, with the shoulder straps, riveted and sewn to the body of the knapsack. Also, the interior of these early examples differs from the late war knapsacks – the article, containment bags are either buckled or closed via cotton, fabric ties and straps, unlike the later rawhide ties and leather straps, did not deteriorate quickly in the field; these closure ties and the blanket strap guides are stitched to the the bag body and reinforced, with thick leather, on the interior side; a large reinforcing length of thick leather is riveted to the interior, as well. These knapsacks would have lasted much longer, in the field, but must have been more expensive for the government to continue mass contracting, as the war progressed. This early knapsack remains in excellent, pliable condition (unlike the c. 1864 knapsacks that are usually found today, in stiff, flaking condition); there is one, relatively small, wear hole on one side of the knapsack. As mentioned, this is only the second example of these early knapsacks we have encountered.