Excellent Original Civil War Officer’s Haversack


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Excellent Original Civil War Officer’s Haversack – Although we have had several enlisted man’s haversacks, this is the first officer’s haversack we have had in the last three or four years. This example, which remains in excellent condition, is constructed of a fine, thin, high grade leather and lined with a cotton canvas duck. The haversack is constructed with one large, canvas lined bag, with two leather closure straps; within this bag, is a flap covered, inner pouch, with leather closure tabs – this inner flap pouch is constructed completely of cotton canvas. A second, interior, potentially locked bag, is also lined in canvas – this inner bag has a period, circular brass lock plate, a unique feature that we have not encountered before; the lock’s original key remains – we have placed a modern key chain, attached to the shield-like hasp, so as not the lose the key. Two smaller, bags, partially lined in cotton canvas, with small, ball button closures, are on the exterior of the inner, locked bag. The haversack’s shoulder straps, with original, black japanned, roller buckles are attached to the back of the main body, although the connecting, long shoulder strap is no longer present. The condition of this rarely encountered haversack is excellent; other than a very small, hardly noticeable hole in back panel, the leather is in great shape, as is the cotton canvas. Should someone want to place a leather strap that connects the two buckled, adjustment straps, that would be an easy fix. These officer haversacks are very hard to find now, especially in the fine condition in which this example remains.

Measurements: Height – 13.25”; Width – 15.25”