Group of Confederate Artifacts

Group of Confederate Artifacts – This array of significant Confederate artifacts includes one excavated edged weapon and scabbard, an early battlefield pickup saber bayonet, a non-excavated partial belt and two non-dug edged weapons. Please refer to the numbered images and the associated price list below:

1 – Dug Confederate Kenansville Cavalry Saber and Scabbard; Dug along Lee’s

Retreat Route in Amelia County, Va. Note Kenansville Roman Numerals

Etched on Scabbard Throat – $750


2 – Richmond Manufactured Confederate “Bullet Stitched” Belt with Original Wreath – SOLD


3 – Early Battlefield Pickup Confederate Boyle, Gamble & McFee Saber Bayonet; GAR Post Gold Paint – SOLD


4 – Confederate Dirk or Side Knife with Silver Hilt; Manufactured by Merriman

& Co. of Memphis, Tennessee – SOLD


5 – Confederate Knife or Pike Blade – SOLD


6- French Artillery Broad Sword Hilt Re-Bladed with a File Made into a Knife

Blade; Confederate Use – $550