Sixth Plate Tintype Civil War Outdoor Image of 8 – 10 Union Soldiers in Camp


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Sixth Plate Tintype Civil War Outdoor Image of 8 – 10 Union Soldiers in Camp – This fully cased, sixth plate image depicts at least eight, perhaps ten, Union soldiers, outside, seemingly in camp; they all appear to be wearing four-button sack coats, with two of the front sitting men showing Sergeant’s chevrons on their coats (one appears to be a 1st Sergeant – sitting soldier on the right). The front three sitters surround a cast iron pot, while one of the men (Sergeant on the left) holds a spoon, as if to dip into whatever is in the pot. The young center sitter appears to have a pipe in his mouth. The back, standing soldiers have had their eagle buttons tinted, while the soldier on the left has had his belt plate tinted, as well. All of the soldiers are wearing forage caps or kepis, with the exception of the left, standing man, who is wearing a domed, derby-like hat; this soldier may be an officer, as he appears to have rank straps on each shoulder, and a metallic, sword scabbard glinting along his side. The soldier standing on the right, appears to be holding a canteen or a flask. Behind the group appears a building or barn, a large tree and what appears to be rows of tents behind the tree. This is a most interesting and appealing image and remains in its original, patriotic motif (embossed US flag on the cover), leatherette case. The image itself is rather dark, but all elements are highly discernible.