Confederate Artillery Short Sword


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Confederate Artillery Short Sword -This Confederate Artillery short sword remains in overall very good condition. These short or broad swords were copies of the U.S. Model 1832, heavy artillery sword, manufactured by N.P. Ames. A so-called “Roman style” sword or gladius, this example, as most other comparable, Confederate broad swords is unmarked. Although the heavy cast hilt resembles the Ames swords’ simulated scale or feather, grip motif, unlike the Ames artillery short swords, with the exception of the very first produced by Ames, these Confederate short swords’ cast hilts do not have the three pins that help affix the hilt to the blade tang. It has been suggested that these swords were, for the most part, carried by artillery battery NCOs. The steel blade is double-edged, with a less encountered feature – two short, parallel, upper fullers and a single, long fuller – crudely executed copies of the Ames blades; most of the Confederate short swords of this type have no fullers. The blade is smooth, with virtually no pitting or oxidation; there is some minor chipping to the blade edges. The brass hilt evidences crude casting and peening.

The overall length of the sword: 24.5”; blade length: 19”