Civil War Union Infantry Officer’s Slouch Hat


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Civil War Union Infantry Officer’s Slouch Hat – This hat is a superior example of a Civil War, Union Infantry officer’s slouch hat. The hat is constructed of a fine grade, beaver or rabbit felt, that exhibits that desired “mellow”, pliable feel. The brim is bound with grosgrain, black, silk ribbon. Adorning the front of the hat is a bullion, officer’s, infantry hunting horn insignia, with the number “9” in the crook of the horn. Surrounding the crown, is the original, officer’s, acorn-tasseled, hat cord; also surrounding the base of the hat’s crown is a grosgrain, black silk ribbon. On one side of the hat, is an ostrich feather plume, with the quill contained within a black, silk ribbon cockade, with an officer’s, Eagle “I” button inserted in the cockade. The sweat band, in the interior of the hat, is constructed of a dark brown, fine grade of leather; it is 3” in width. This hat, although in overall fine condition, was definitely worn in the field, as evidenced by the ring of sweat salt, around the entire crown – interior and exterior. Original, Civil War slouch hats have become extremely difficult to find now; this hat is a superior example of a definitively, war period hat.