Fine, Near Unissued Example of a Civil War Federal Issue Artillery Shell Jacket


Fine, Near Unissued Example of a Civil War Federal Issue Artillery Shell Jacket – This is one of the best condition shell jackets we have had – it is seemingly in unissued condition; the deep blue, indigo dyed wool remains in superior shape, exhibiting no insect damage. The scarlet, branch of service piping, constructed of a red herringbone twill, retains its original, vibrant red color and is in superior condition. The collar piping consists of two pairs of double rows, terminating with a general service eagle, cuff button. All general service, 12 eagle front closure buttons, are in place, as are both pairs of eagle buttons on each, functional cuff. The collar’s japanned black, hook closure device is present, although the eye is no longer in place and may never been originally attached. Both back, exterior bolsters or pillows that were utilized to support the heavy, saber belt are present. The coat’s lining is the typical, heavy osnaburg type, coarse weave, beige material – this lining is in excellent condition, with virtually no stains or signs of wear; the sleeve linings are constructed of an off white, near linen like cotton, and they remain in nearly untouched, unworn condition. The interior of the left breast has a vertical, slash pocket, lined in the same cotton as the sleeve linings. Stamped in the right interior shoulder of the sleeve lining is the U.S. Inspector’s stamp, in an oval inking; this stamping is rather “blurry”, but the stamping and jacket appear to be a product of the Cincinnati depot.  Above the inspector’s stamp are the size stampings in the form of three dots and the number 3. This jacket exhibits a combination of hand stitching and machine stitching throughout.

Over the years, we have had numerous Union, enlisted shell jackets, both cavalry and artillery, but this artillery shell jacket is perhaps one of the best examples we have had. With the exception of some very minor seam separations, induced by age, this jacket is in near mint condition.