High Grade Id’d Civil War Officer’s Presentation Sword



High Grade Id’d Civil War Officer’s Presentation Sword – This fine presentation grade sword, with its ricasso marked with the stamping of the well known purveyor of military goods during the Civil War – “W.H. HORSTMANN & SONS PHILADELPHIA”, is in fine condition. The opposite side of the ricasso exhibits the impressed symbol of a German steel manufacturer, not unusual, as most of Horstmann marked sword blades were forged by German makers and imported to the U.S. The blade, exhibiting a mottled gray color, is in good condition, with engraved patriotic and floral decorative elements. The hilt, wrapped in an unusual white rayfin or shagreen, has its ribs in-filled with a single strand of twisted, brass wire. The pommel, knucklebow, over-grip and quillon are constructed of a beautifully cast, floral motif brass, with an impressive U.S. eagle and shield on the blade side of the quillon. The ornately appointed scabbard has high relief, decorative sword mounts and drag; the scabbard proper is constructed of a gilded iron or steel. Engraved between the upper mount and the throat is the following:


  1. C.(?) R(?)immell.

Lieut. Co. B.



This sword was presented to an officer in the Washington Infantry; this militia unit initially organized in the late 18th century, in Washington County, Pa., as the Pittsburgh Light Infantry; during the War of 1812, the unit was renamed the Pittsburgh Blues; during the Civil War, the unit, now named the Pittsburgh Washington Infantry, melded into the 102nd Regiment of Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers. The book pictured is the “History of the Washington Infantry of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the Thirty-sixth Anniversary”, published in 1891. To date, we have not been able to determine either the identity of this officer or his unit of service. Regardless, this is a superior example of an early war, presentation sword, in excellent condition.

Measurements: Overall length – 40″; Blade length – 33.5″