Rare Antebellum Man’s Ribbed Linen Frock Coat



Rare Antebellum Man’s Ribbed Linen Frock Coat – We have had numerous men’s civilian, black wool frock coats, dating from the pre-Civil War era through the war proper; this coat, which from its style of construction, appears to date from the late 1840s to just prior to the onset of the Civil War. The coat is completely handsewn and is unlined; the material is a finely ribbed linen. Like frock coats of the same period, this coat has pockets in the tails. The lapels, back of the collar, edges of the front panels and one side of the tails of the coat exhibit a decorative, light brown cording. The unlined arms are somewhat “ballooned” at the elbows, although not as much as later coats, also indicative of an early coat; the collar is rather high, equally indicative of an early style. The front closure and back buttons are cloth covered, large buttons; one of the front buttons is missing. Inside the coat is inked the initials of the period owner – “J.A.G.” The coat remains in overall strong condition, albeit with some obvious, period wear soiling.