U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket



U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket – This is a superior example of the U.S. Model 1816, made at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. This firearm represents the largest production of flintlock firearms for the U.S. government, with over 350,000 manufactured at the Harpers Ferry arsenal. This weapon has all iron hardware, with the notable and unique exception of a brass, flash pan. The iron elements are finished bright and the caliber is .69 smoothbore. The steel ramrod exhibits a button shaped tip. The stock, constructed of walnut, has an unusually low comb. The lock of this gun is marked as follows: behind the hammer, in three vertical lines – “HARPERS / FERRY / 1821”; to the front of the hammer – Stamped eagle over “US”. On the barrel, just up from the breech plug, is stamped: “V / P” above an eagle head and “ C / d / 53”; where the breech plug meets the barrel, on the upper tang area is stamped: “1821”. In addition to these stampings, a number of the iron parts of the weapon are stamped with the number “2”; the butt plate, along with the number “2” is also stamped with the typical “US”. On the flat of the stock, opposite the lock, is faintly visible the government inspector’s cartouche. The bore of this gun is very clean. This musket, dated to an 1821 date of manufacture, indicates that this example is a Type I version, made between 1819 and 1822. These variants exhibit the following: barrel band springs, a lower sling swivel that fastens to the trigger guard plate via a lug that passes through and upward in the plate, and a solid trigger guard, with the bow integral with the plate. This M1816, in the original flint, is a superior example of this important, U.S. primary martial weapon. Measurements:

Overall length – 58”; barrel length – 42”