US Model 1842 Musket Manufactured at Harpers Ferry



US Model 1842 Musket Manufactured at Harpers Ferry – This M1842 is an excellent example of an early production musket; it remains in excellent condition, mechanically sound, nice stock and good clean bore. There were approximately 275,000 Model ‘42s, the vast majority of which were manufactured at the Springfield Arsenal – estimated to be 175,000; therefore, the Harpers Ferry examples are more desirable. This example, like all Model ‘42s, has all iron mountings, originally finished bright. The original ramrod, with a trumpet shaped head, remains in place; there is the requisite bayonet lug on the bottom of the barrel, at the muzzle. The oiled walnut stock is in excellent condition. The lock is stamped as follows: – behind the hammer – in three vertical lines – “HARPERS / FERRY / 1846”; just in front of the hammer – an Eagle, with “US” beneath. Stamped at the breech of the barrel, near the breech plug is: “V” over “P”; beneath this stamping is an eagle head. The usual “US” is stamped on the tang of the butt plate. Overall, the metal elements of this Model 1842 is in good condition and has turned to a mottled gray color. The Model 1842 was the last .69 caliber smoothbore weapon made by the Federal government and was initially issued to many Civil War soldiers. Measurements: Overall length – 58”’; Barrel length – 40”.